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The Web Company is a creative digital agency: creating innovative solutions for today.

As specialist web designers and developers create innovative award-winning websites, backed by extensive industry expertise.

We create web and mobile applications combining aesthetics, usability and technical expertise into professional solutions.

Looking for social media changed online marketing? The Web Company’s Capture product assists businesses to connect and engage with their customers.

Now, more than ever, businesses need to be seen and heard via social media.


Social media has changed the way people find, use and share information. The power of social media can’t be ignored, it’s a powerful tool which business can leverage to speak directly to their customers and to new markets.

The Web Company has developed a program, Capture, to strategically place your business in the social media space. With three different levels, Capture suits any business or budget.

Your business’ Capture plan is reviewed monthly and can be adjusted to suit your needs and the ever changing social media landscape.