Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker Permit

About the authorised provider and authorised worker permit.

Workplaces in Victoria must not permit workers to undertake work at the workplace unless it an authorised provider or service, or workers are authorised.

Employers that require their staff to attend a work site must issue a worker permit to their employees – this is the employer’s responsibility.

The permit also allows parents and guardians to access childcare, kindergarten and early education centres. Conditions apply, and more information is available below.

Penalties of up to $21,808 (for individuals) and $109,044 (for businesses) will apply to employers who issue worker permits to authorised employees who do not meet the requirements of the worker permit scheme or who otherwise breach the scheme requirements.

There will also be on-the-spot fines of up to $1,817 (for individuals) and up to $10,904 (for businesses) for anyone who breaches the scheme requirements. This includes employers and employees who do not carry their worker permit when travelling to and from work.

Please click here for advice on how to access and download the authorised provider and authorised worker permit.