Be.Bendigo drives connections, developing leadership and business capacity for a stronger community and more prosperous local economy.

Strategic Priorities

Be.Bendigo engages:

  • With its members, partners and stakeholders through events, communications and programs.

Be.Bendigo collaborates:

  • With its members and partners to help them achieve their goals and connect them to our community.
  • To deliver programs and training that develop our businesses and people.
  • To provide a referral point for businesses.
  • To provide a centre for business in Bendigo.

Be.Bendigo advocates for Greater Bendigo businesses with:

  • Three tiers of government.
  • Key people and organisations.

Overview of Be.Bendigo Strategic Direction

To achieve its vision Be.Bendigo needs to:

  • Understand business challenges for sustainability, development and growth
  • Be clear about its value for members and consistently deliver the promised value
  • Clearly communicate its vision and role to the Greater Bendigo community and stakeholders
  • Develop and implement an effective communication plan that engages with members as well as raising the profile and effectiveness of the organisation
  • Grow membership so that Be Bendigo truly represents Greater Bendigo businesses and organisations
  • Establish a secure future financial model for Be.Bendigo
  • Engage a skills-based committed board reflecting membership.

Be.Bendigo Member and Partner Value Proposition

In developing this strategic plan, Be.Bendigo has revised:

  • Be.Bendigo member value proposition
  • Be.Bendigo partner value proposition

The revised offerings launched in July 2018 are annexed to this plan.

The vision for membership

Be.Bendigo members:

  • Are proud to be a member of Be.Bendigo, understand and advocate for Be.Bendigo
  • See their Be.Bendigo membership as vital for the success of their business
  • Use Be.Bendigo as a valuable resource to connect with others in Greater Bendigo and to drive success of their business
  • Consider that Be.Bendigo is the best way to advocate with stakeholders and government on issues that need to be resolved for the future success of their business and the Greater Bendigo
  • Enjoy Be.Bendigo events and programs, and see them as a valuable way to connect and grow their skills and business
  • Value access to individual and business developmental programs and resources.

Click here for a copy of the 2018-2021 Be.Bendigo Strategic Plan.

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