Bendigo Inventor Awards – turning ideas, into reality.

We encourage imagination through a competitive process that will identify, support and promote practical and original ideas in the field of ‘Emergency Services and Disaster Management’.

Bendigo is the centre of a world class ecosystem of inventors and investors, working to alleviate suffering in times of emergency and natural disaster. Amazing! Inspiring! Yes – you can be involved.

Be.Bendigo is home to the Bendigo Inventor Awards  now in its seventh year.

The Inventor Awards have grown to engage a national audience, with support from Engineers Australia, KPMG, Australian Red Cross and the City of Greater Bendigo.

Highlights of the 2017 Program include:

National Launch and call for entries: May 2017, KPMG Docklands, Melbourne

Festival of Failure: June 2017, Bendigo.

Hack for Humanity: September 2017, La Trobe University, Bendigo

Inventor Awards Ceremony: November 2017, Bendigo.

Be.Bendigo is thrilled to host the Bendigo Inventor Awards. We see so much opportunity for Australian Inventors to meet the need of new products for agencies and organisations involved in emergency and disaster management. Our program in 2017 has a particularly strong focus on leveraging big data across government agencies, to identify opportunities for new solutions.

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2017 Award Categories Include:

  • Product or Prototype
  • Concept
  • Youth
  • Mayoral Prize for ‘Backyard Inventor’