Vibrant Central Bendigo Рan advocacy group with representation from all areas of retail including the hotelier’s industry, café and bars, clothing and fashion, sporting, arts and entertainment, small and medium business, local and national chains, students, city centre residents and local government.

Be.Bendigo assembled Vibrant Central Bendigo in 2015. Our goal is to engage the Bendigo community through trader driven initiatives to support local investment and destination creation.

Bendigo’s Central Business District is the symbolic heart of our $10billion regional economy.

Far more than a destination for shopping, our CBD is a vital hub for commerce and delivers a powerful first impression of who we are as a city to visitors.

Be.Bendigo partners with Vibrant Central Bendigo to:

  • Facilitate a precinct based approach to trader led collaboration.
  • Encourage world class beautification of mass plantings, street art and building facades.
  • Amplify the vibrancy of the CBD by facilitating festivals, events and performances.
  • Support the City of Greater Bendigo‚Äôs aspiration to see 3,000 people living in the Central Business District by encouraging property owners to contribute to a rich and engaging residential city community.
  • Support the City of Greater Bendigo‚Äôs aspiration for Bendigo to become the retail destination of choice for North Western Victoria.

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