Bendigo businesses support Marriage Equality

As the pre-eminent business representative organisation in the Greater Bendigo region, as leaders for our business and wider community, we believe marriage equality is important for a number of reasons.

The Bendigo business community will today release a video and statement supporting same-sex marriage.

Be.Bendigo wants to send a strong message to LGBTI employees, business council members and the broader community the organisation is ‘built on respect and inclusiveness and that the rights of our LGBTI colleagues and friends matter’.

Chief executive Leah Sertori said inclusion and respect were core values of Be.Bendigo.

“Be.Bendigo’s vision is for a vibrant and prosperous Bendigo with confident and innovative local businesses,’’ she said.

“Diversity and inclusiveness are key to achieving our vision.

“We want the world outside Bendigo to know our city as welcoming and inclusive.

“When we discussed marriage equality as an advocacy issue at board level, our directors unanimously agreed for our organisation and brand to make a strong statement in support of marriage equality.’’

Ms Sertori said the council supported same-sex marriage, to:

  • Highlight the important relationship between diversity and a community’s ability to attract investment, foster cohesion and ultimately improve its prosperity. There is a strong, global evidence base to support the argument that diverse, tolerant communities attract greater investment and more highly educated, highly skilled workers.
  • To attract the most highly skilled, experienced workers to come and live in our city as it grows, regardless of their cultural background, sexual orientation, gender or age. We need the best skills and the most capable people to grow our thriving regional city.

“The messages we send about who can participate in our community more broadly and who may enjoy rights such as the right to enter into marriage matter in attracting the best talent to Bendigo,’’ Ms Sertori said.

“Those messages directly impact the wellbeing of our LGBTI colleagues and friends.

“The business case for supporting marriage equality is as clear to me as it is compelling.

“Couples that love each other and wish to commit to be married, regardless of their sexual orientation will contribute to a stronger economy and a more inclusive community.”

Ms Sertori said more than 20 countries across the world had passed laws to allow same-sex marriage, including the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada and Great Britain and Ireland.

She suggested those who supported same-sex marriage put a poster in their workplace, by contacting the Bendigo Says Yes Facebook page for posters.

”You can also like and share Be.Bendigo’s messages of support to the LGBTI community through our social media feed,’’ Ms Sertori said.

This article is courtesy of the Bendigo Advertiser