Bendigo’s bid for Prime Minister’s ‘smart’ money.

SMART MONEY: Bendigo Business Council’s Leah Sertori with City of Greater Bendigo chief executive officer Craig Nieman – council could back the BBC’s bid to become a regional pilot for the federal government’s ‘smart cities’ plan

Bendigo is set to lobby the federal government to be a regional pilot in its new ‘smart cities’ plan – which could deliver millions of dollars in government and industry investment and deliver new infrastructure.

City of Greater Bendigo councillors will vote tomorrow night on whether to endorse the plan to apply for a ‘city deal’, launched by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on April 29.

Bendigo Business Council chief executive officer Leah Sertori said the submission would build on an expression of interest which the BBC had already lodged with the Prime Minister’s office.

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the city is joining us in saying we have a vision for Bendigo for the next 20 years on how best to leverage technology to increase investment and create jobs,” Ms Sertori said.

“If Bendigo were to be a regional pilot it would be very exciting for two reasons: one is the additional resources but also it keeps positioning ‘brand Bendigo’ – which is about being about Australia’s most innovative regional city –  that helps attract smart people to our smart city.”

She said the BBC’s ‘city deal’ bid centred on a plan with four key ‘demonstration proposals’.

One would see the city become a net exporter of renewable energy, while another would develop a ‘Bendigo bond’ to attract superannuation funds.

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The plan also advocates a network of sensors and ‘smart meters’ to capture data and an open source, big data hub.


This article courtesy of the Bendigo Advertiser