Believe in Bendigo Рa campaign that celebrates diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism throughout Greater Bendigo and the wider community.

Be.Bendigo recognises that Bendigo is on the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung or Jaara people and the traditional lands of the Taungurung peoples who are the rightful custodians.

Be.Bendigo is a loud and proud supporter of Believe in Bendigo – a whole of community movement for a diverse and inclusive Bendigo.

Believe in Bendigo welcomes people from all faiths and backgrounds by celebrating all things positive about their experience and achievements.

Bendigo has been a multicultural town since the 1800’s and Believe in Bendigo carry this historical upbringing by standing up for minorities within our¬†community.

Bendigo is a vibrant, progressive and inclusive city. Be.Bendigo openly celebrates our business community’s diversity of every kind. We embrace and encourage diversity at every level in business, especially at board and senior leadership, as establishing organisational culture is the responsibility of all business leaders.