Chairwoman to bring over twenty years of dedication

As the Chair of Be.Bendigo, family lawyer and Director of O'Farrell Robertson McMahon, Marika McMahon continues a legacy of support for business with a strong appetite for Bendigo to improve.

Marika McMahon

Director, O’Farrell Robertson McMahon

Chair, Be.Bendigo Board of Directors


Bendigo is one of the best place to live and work in Australia. With a rich history, it now needs to develop a vibrant and prosperous future in a demanding and changing world. That can’t be done by government alone, it requires Bendigo businesses to come together to imagine a greater future and design how that can become reality.

What I bring to Be Bendigo?

An insatiable appetite to see Bendigo improve. For over 20 years I have been passionate about Bendigo developing upon its strengths, driving initiatives like a new hospital, improved court facilities, decentralised ambulance stations, increased involvement of women in leadership, improved recruitment and retention of professionals in Bendigo.

As a family lawyer and director of O’Farrell Robertson McMahon lawyers I see that Be.Bendigo can provide essential support for local business.