Connecting Greater Bendigo

Connecting Greater Bendigo – Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy (ITLUS) has been a long but very fruitful journey.

The development of the ITLUS is a remarkable journey for an Australian regional city. It is the story of a community who rejected ‘a big new road’ as the fix for an emerging problem.

Council was initially concerned that the community reaction was largely just by those who would be directly impacted, but an extensive community engagement program confirmed that there was a real appetite for thinking differently, for innovation and for capturing ideas that have worked in other places.

The ITLUS grew from a set of ideas and actions to progressively change how we move around the city and design and build Greater Bendigo. The ITLUS seeks to understand how Bendigo functions, how we can manage growth and development so we all benefit and how we can better use the resources and capacity we have.

In one sense the ITLUS aspires to and charts some new and exciting directions and the future for Bendigo, but it does this by valuing what we have, capitalising on an emerging concern about health, building on community enthusiasm for cycling and walking and making much better use of our public transport facilities and services.

Importantly ITLUS recognises that these changes build on momentum in the community and a shared desire for change. Reflecting Bendigo’s capacity to work together to address issues, a call for partners to help implement aspects of ITLUS has produced a remarkable response. Organisations representing thousands of people through employees, students and members have come on board and said they will work with Council to help implement aspects of ITLUS.

The biggest response has been to a Bendigo innovation; what the ITLUS calls ‘1 in 5’, that is that one day in five we change our commute to school or work to an active healthy mode – walking, cycling or catching public transport.

Be.Bendigo are a part of the implementation of the strategy and sit on the Community Reference Group – working together to make Bendigo Australia’s most liveable regional city.

We will continue to update Be.Bendigo Members on information as it arises, as well as seek input and feedback from businesses to provide Members insight to the Community Reference Group.

If you have any question or feedback regarding the City of Greater Bendigo Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy, please contact Be.Bendigo Engagement Manager, Jayson Tayeh by email:

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This article courtesy of City of Greater Bendigo.