Business Support

Business Support

Local and government support is currently available for businesses in the Bendigo Region.

If you need any assistance with finding the best support for you please contact us to help.

Business Victoria

Information on restrictions and support to help your workplace plan and respond to coronavirus

Australian Government

Find financial assistance, eligibility and timing for the new government support for Australian businesses.

City of Greater Bendigo

Your go to location for the most up to date information about doing business in Greater Bendigo.

Job Victoria

Find advice and support for jobseekers to navigate their pathway back to work. Employers can also be connected with a local, job-ready workforce.

Working for Victoria

The Working for Victoria online platform matches jobseekers who are ready to work with employers who are looking for skilled and talented employees.

Fair Work

We’re here to help you understand your rights and responsibilities at work during the impact of coronavirus.

Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

800 nationally-recognised short courses, accredited diploma and certificate courses and tailored briefings for businesses to up-skill employees.

Victoria Legal Aid

Renting laws in Victoria have changed because of COVID-19 coronavirus. The new laws have been extended and will last until at least 28 March 2021.