Bendigo business Seriously Milestones is shipping its funny, real and relatable milestone cards worldwide.

Founder Issy Kerr says the knowledge she gained and relationships she built from attending Small Business Festival events helped her grow her business to what it is today.

“Attending the Festival in 2016 just after launching my business was an amazing experience on so many levels. I learnt invaluable skills at the time I needed them most.

“I attended a business planning workshop which outlined all the basics, such as how to write a business plan and the importance of setting goals for your business. Following the event, I created my business plan and set clear goals for my business.

“I also met an amazing network of other small business owners in my area that I’ve continued to meet up with and learn from over the course of the last two years.”

Since launching in July 2016, Issy has expanded her business tenfold over the past two years, with new product ranges and international stockists.

“When I attended my first Small Business Festival event we just had the one product, now we’ve got four different milestone card ranges, around thirty greeting cards and now also wine labels.

“Altogether we’ve had over 100 different stockists across Australia, globally and online.”

Issy was inspired to create Seriously Milestones after noticing how herself and friends would share humorous, light-hearted milestone events for their kids through social media but she couldn’t find any cards that reflected these types of milestones.

“There’s lots of milestone cards out there but I found that the ones on the market weren’t the kind that I found funny, or that I was talking to my friends about. So I thought wouldn’t it be good if there were milestone cards about the more humorous moments my friends and I were sharing with one another, because surely if we were talking about them, other people were as well.”

This year Issy is looking to further build her brand internationally, attending Growing Global presented by Australia Post at this year’s Small Business Festival on 23 Aug.

“I’m always looking for ways to learn more about growing internationally, and as an online business it will be interesting to learn where Australia Post is heading with international shipping and how they are going to cater to an increasingly popular market of online business.”

Issy says that attending the Small Business Festival was a big part of pushing her to make that big step with her business and it has really paid off. She urges other small business owners and anyone thinking of starting a small business to get down to an event at this year’s festival.

“You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! One event helped my business on so many different levels, and it could help yours too!”

For more information about events being held in the Bendigo area click here.


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