Where do I find…?

Be.Connected – stay connected to all Be.Bendigo upcoming events. Here you will see listed all of the Be.Bendigo major events, After Dark Networking opportunities and Women.i.s.e functions.

Be.Members – check out our Members Directory and find other Be.Bendigo members to do business with. Here you can list your business with a Member Profile and promote member-to-member offers.

Be.Inspired – our pillar events and programs are designed to stimulate thought and develop new ideas, build the capacity of Bendigo businesses and inspire local organisations to be confident, innovative leaders.

Be.Informed – articles provided by our Partners and Members of our wider business community, stay up to date with the latest topics across every business and industry segment. It may be informative, pose a question or challenge, or highlight a topic relevant to our business community – Be.Informed by our Bendigo business network.


Who are the Be.Bendigo Partners?

Our family of Be.Bendigo Partners help us connect Members to our wider business community, support the development of new business opportunities, bring National & International speakers to Bendigo and support business continuity and growth by advocating for investment alongside Be.Bendigo.

By collaborating with the visionary people and organisations that are a part of Be.Bendigo, we can provide meaningful connections for your business.

Be.Bendigo Partners are highlighted here.


How do I become a Partner?

We facilitate introductions to strategic opportunities, business networks, thought leaders, high value projects, government and – if possible – potential clients.

The first step toward building a partnership that lasts.

Contact our office on (03) 5442 7816 to make an inquiry about becoming a Be.Bendigo Partner.


Is Be.Bendigo a business organisation?


Be.Bendigo is a thriving community working to facilitate, grow and enrich business from the Greater Bendigo region.

Be.Bendigo is about individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations actively contributing to a connected business ecosystem – connecting Bendigo to the world.

Be.Bendigo is all about business excellence. We provide opportunities to network and collectively motivate our members to cultivate the mindset and capability to lead excellent businesses. Assisted by our family of partners, our members are supported to improve business performance year on year.

Be.Bendigo is about actively growing our prosperity together and ensuring that we do so in an inclusive, progressive and vibrant way.


How do I join?

Becoming a Member of Be.Bendigo is easy.

By completing an online Membership Form and making a payment either monthly or annually, you can become a Be.Bendigo Member and complete your Member Profile in just a few easy steps.

Join today and advertise your business in our Members Directory.

Click here to join!


How do I complete a Member profile?

Advertise your business in our Members Directory by completing a Member Profile in My Account.

Click through to the Member Profile ‘how to guide’ and follow the few easy steps.


Can I pay by invoice?


Join today and simply check the box ‘pay by invoice’.

Our dedicated Administration Officer will contact you directly and arrange for your invoice to reach you the same day you sign up.

Contact the Be.Bendigo office on (03) 5442 7816 for more information.


Can I pay monthly?


Individual Members (1 person) can now pay monthly for only $20 per month. Join today and complete the Individual Membership form, make a payment and get added to our mailing list. Be.Bendigo warmly welcomes individual members looking to invest in growing their network and further develop their capability.


Where is the Be.Bendigo office?

Be.Bendigo is located in Building H of the Bendigo TAFE City Campus, on the corner of Chapel & Hargreaves Street, Bendigo.


Where’s your next event?

Stay connected to all Be.Bendigo upcoming events by heading to our Be.Connected events page.


How do I register for events?

Registration is easy! Use the links on the Be.Connected event profile and click either Register or Purchase, depending on the type of event.

Alternatively, you can contact our office (03) 5442 7816 for more information.


How much are Membership joining fees?

Be.Bendigo Members fees are renewed annually. Fees are subject to change and can be found upon sign up.

Click here for more information.


Is Be.Bendigo like a ‘committee for Bendigo’?


Be.Bendigo is a progress organisation with a member base a bit like a committee for, however anyone can join Be.Bendigo and our membership fees reflect our commitment to ensure participation is accessible.


Why did the Bendigo Business Council change its name?

In 2017 Bendigo Business Council has proudly become Business Excellence Bendigo – Be.Bendigo.

A brand for all people and organisations who want to invest in their capability and networks, grow their business and maintain Bendigo’s relevance on the national and international stage.

We changed our name to reflect our ambition, to engage all people, businesses and organisations wanting to play a role in elevating business excellence in Bendigo.


Can Non-for-profit organisations join Be.Bendigo?


All organisations interested in contributing to a vibrant and prosperous Bendigo with sustainable business can be a member.

Click here for more information.