Anna’s Leadership Story – “The Right Decision”

Anna didn’t know what to expect when she expressed interest in the Rob Hunt Leadership program, but she knew it was the right time to put herself first and create further opportunities to grow her leadership skills.

Anna Bennallack is Bendigo Bank’s Senior Business Partner for Local Connection in regional Victoria, a new position that she has held for eighteen months. “It was after accepting this new role that I realised I still had so much more to contribute.”

It wasn’t long into the Leadership program that Anna felt it had created a much stronger self-awareness, and had challenged her to become a stronger leader with the ability to positively influence others.

“Getting the results back from the Life Style Inventory was a key moment in the program. It challenged my perception of myself as a leader. It confirmed that I must continue to put myself forward, back my decision-making abilities and speak up even when that can be difficult. So, in that sense the results were authentic,” Anna says.

The Life Styles Inventory is an organisational tool that uses self-assessment to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles. By providing insights into strengths and areas for development, it empowers people to embark on their own journey and really enjoy what they do.

The program has demonstrated for Anna that there is always the challenge to be a better leader. She will now be applying her self-awareness and identifying mentors who she can tap-in to as she continues to grow her leadership abilities.

“In one of our sessions, I made a comment about my reluctance to speak up in meetings because I am an introvert, which really stirred up a response from Fabian,” smiles Anna.

Fabian specialises in working with leaders whose intention is to ‘do the right thing’. She responded to Anna’s comment with, “How is that working for you? Do you not speak up because you are an introvert or because you are being lazy and not challenging yourself?”

Fabian continued, “When you speak up, you are sharing and you probably more than likely have the solution that everyone needs to hear. This saves more meetings and discussions.”

“That comment really hit home,” Anna exclaimed.

“In meetings, I would often not talk up because so many other people were talking and we seemed to be going nowhere. I’ve realised now, that I’ll come up with a solution by thinking through options, then responding, while others prefer to talk through the problem.”

“Now I consider how I can contribute, and if I am holding back from contributing – why I’m doing so. I keep asking myself, ‘How can I make a contribution and be myself?’ ”

“I went into the Rob Hunt program wanting to understand myself better and I feel like I have achieved this. I wanted to have the tools to continue my leadership journey and I feel like I have gained them.”

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This article is courtesy of Tamara Marwood, Creative Director of Create Business, delivering strategy and content for businesses to engage their audience and create attention.