Brent’s Leadership Story – “Know the Why”

“I almost came out of the first session doubting myself and the role I play in my business.” 

Brent Kendall has a partnership in a successful growing design agency, RAAK, with offices in Melbourne and Bendigo.  He explains that before undertaking the Rob Hunt Transformational Leadership Program he hadn’t taken much time before to reflect on his values and the “why” behind what he does as a leader.

“The Life Style Inventory activity and the results really challenged how I viewed myself.  I had no idea that my need to receive approval from other people is really high,” Brent admits.

He continues to reflect “…maybe it is because I have an older business partner and I always checked in with him before I made a call on any business decision.”

Since this confronting first session, Brent has decided to make a big change in his leadership style.  “Identifying my values isn’t something I had done before,” he says.  “The leadership program helped me understand why I do what I do, and why others do what they do. It has made me confident to lead major changes in the studio.”

“We had a number of internal processes that were inefficient and I took the initiative to change them.  Our accounting management needed a better structure and we had identified it needed fixing, so I went ahead and set up new project management software.  I introduced it to the team and as a team we began to utilize it to run the studio better.”

Brent also feels that as a result of that first session, communication has improved with his business partner.  “Rather than being frustrated with a situation or outcome I am thinking bigger and trying to work out why something might have happened.”

“Leadership with a hierarchy isn’t what we encourage in our organisation.  We don’t have titles and we encourage each team member to take on leadership roles for different aspects of what we do.” Brent believes that investing in his personal development as a leader has made his “team stronger, more efficient and better able to deliver innovative products to their clients.”

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This article is courtesy of Tamara Marwood, Creative Director of Create Business, delivering strategy and content for businesses to engage their audience and create attention.