Leadership transforming China from Bendigo

China is going through an evolution in the field of leadership. Strong leadership is a real edge for business wanting to operate internationally.

Tamara Marwood

Creative Director

Create Business

2017 Graduate Rob Hunt Leadership Program


Ning Ning Zhang, founder of export consultancy Best Exchange Group is participating in the 2017 Rob Hunt Transformational Leadership Program.

She shares, “I have always wanted to do a leadership program. I don’t think I am leader, but when I talk to Leah (Be.Bendigo CEO) she tells me ‘You are already leading.’”

I grew up in a very different environment to Central Victoria. In China, my life was very strict, and very dry due to the education system. I was often locked up to do my homework. Individualism wasn’t appreciated, I had to fit in to the mould. But I never fitted! All I wanted to do was to be FREE.

Seventeen years ago I went to Canada to study at the age of seventeen. It was so different in terms of language, culture, and values. I started my life-long journey looking for a sense of belonging. The leadership course is a way of finding myself and where East and West balance. I want to find my potential as a leader and learn more about myself – it is very personal what drives me on the leadership course – it is not work.

On the morning of the second day I shared with everyone what the first day realised for me. Overnight the vision for my enterprise crystallized. The time spent working on my core values opened up my subconscious and revealed to me our new business mission and vision. Our team has been working on the why for some time and now we are settled and moving forward.

The Best Exchange Group is Ning Ning’s recently established enterprise, in Central Victoria. “We empower Australian leaders from government and industry to build a shared vision and capability in innovation and growth of their regions through international exchange activities.”

“Whatever skills I receive in the course I will use to lead our teams in Australia and China – we have a big vision for The Best Exchange Group – it is growing to be global with many teams of people employed in both Australia and China. Leadership in China is still catching up to leadership in Western business and leadership courses are very popular.”

China is going through an evolution in the field of leadership. China has experienced a lot of authoritarian management. Strong leadership is a real edge for business wanting to operate internationally. For me, understanding my leadership style helps me to understand myself. When I know myself, everyone around me tends to be in harmony and at ease. I’m really looking forward to the next sessions to learn the techniques to influence people in our team and our clients.


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