Member to member unity brings confidence.

As a member of Be.Bendigo, being part of a community helps build unity and strength and with that comes confidence.

Peter Hyett

Audi Bendigo

2017 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards Sponsor

2017 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards Winner’s Dinner Sponsor


At Audi Bendigo we believe it’s important to be a member of our community – to support other parts of the community, be it the arts, education, sport or one of the many other opportunities across Bendigo.

Audi Bendigo is currently a principal partner with Ulumbarra Theatre, The Bendigo Cycling Club and we have supported many smaller groups throughout the past three years.

As a member of Be.Bendigo, being part of a community helps build unity and strength and with that comes confidence. For many of the businesses that are members of Be.Bendigo, they don’t have the opportunity to be part of a larger representative group – in most cases, one simply does not exist. For example; Doctors are represented by the AMA, Real Estate Agents represented by the REI and Accountants are represented by their respective associations.

With small business there is often no avenue in which to raise your voice – a group to lobby for your particular business. However, Be.Bendigo can do that for you.

As a group you can raise issues and have the numbers of Be.Bendigo behind you. With your participation Be.Bendigo can lobby local government, state government and even federal government. Be.Bendigo can generate awareness that includes all of you.

With that in mind and our belief in Be.Bendigo we would like to make a very important announcement that could assist all members of Be.Bendigo and their employees.

Audi Australia offers a Corporate Program available to large organisations, members benefit groups and associations like the ones I mentioned earlier. However, we have been able to promote Be.Bendigo in such a way that Audi Australia has now registered Be.Bendigo as a member of their Corporate Program – this means any employee of any organisation who is a member of Be.Bendigo will qualify.

Among other benefits this entitles you to no cost servicing for 3 years or 45,000km (whichever comes first) when you purchase a new Audi.

We are very proud of this achievement as a first for Australia. We are very proud to be a member of Be.Bendigo and be able to offer other members this opportunity. We can only hope, that this encourages others to do the same, so that we can all benefit from meaningful connections in our community.

This article courtesy of Peter Hyett. For more information regarding the Audi Bendigo Corporate Program, please click here.