Bendigo Business Council ACN: 004 068 553

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the members of Bendigo Business Council ACN: 004 068 553 (trading as Be Bendigo) (“Be Bendigo”) will be held via Zoom meeting on 24 November 2020 from 5:30 pm.


Annual Report

  1. To receive and consider the financial statements of the BBC and the reports and declarations of the directors and of the auditors for the year ended 30 June 2020
  2. To appoint the auditors  

Election of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors currently consist of 8 Directors, the maximum currently allowed under the BBC Constitution is 15 Directors.

The Board has resolved that there will be a total of 10 Director positions filled for the 2020/2021 year.

As at the AGM there are 2 Directors retiring by rotation both seeking re-election:

  • Robyn Lindsay
  • Nick Carter

As at the AGM there is 1 Director position filled by a casual vacancy:

The Casual Vacancy Director is:

  • Eve Ritchens

The Casual Vacancy Director intends to stand for election. 

Members entitled to attend and vote at the meeting may also propose themselves for election in accordance with the clause 88 of the Constitution.


There is no special business 

Dennis Bice

Company Secretary