Love Your Local: Voucher Program

About the initiative

Thank you for your interest in participating in the trial of Greater Bendigo’s Love Your Local Gift Voucher.

The Be.Bendigo and City of Greater Bendigo are looking for local businesses willing to be part of a trial that will test the process and potential impact that a multi-business gift voucher, redeemable in participating Greater Bendigo stores, could have for our city.

We have heard from larger local businesses that they are keen to support small business and keep as much money in our community as possible. This trial will see a specific group of larger local companies, which have agreed to purchase the multi-business gift vouchers, disperse them as rewards for their employees. The employees will then be able to redeem them at any business who has opted into the trial, by agreeing to receive the vouchers and then be reimbursed.

We need your help to test the required systems, potential impact and finance framework needed to ensure payments flow quickly and easily.

Before you register, please note the following:

  • Your business must be located within the Greater Bendigo Local Government Area
  • Whilst every effort will be made to include as many interested businesses as possible, the final approved businesses chosen for the testing period will be determined by the project management group
  • There is no guarantee a voucher will be spent in your business
  • You will be required to assist with some easy reporting and feedback as part of the trial process
  • Comprehensive terms and conditions will be provided if your business is selected for the trial process

Please complete the below expression of interest form and we will be in contact with more
information soon, and to let you know when the trial starts.



Voucher FAQ’s

What is the Love Your Local Gift Voucher?

At this point, the City of Greater Bendigo and Be.Bendigo are in the first stage of trialling a multi-business voucher that can be spent in participating local businesses who agree to partake in the trial and accept the vouchers. By participating, you will be helping to test the systems, potential impact and finance framework needed to ensure payments flow quickly and easily. All feedback will inform whether the trial can be improved and expanded.

Will I be paid?

Yes! For every voucher presented for goods and services at your business during the trial period, you will be reimbursed 100% of the voucher value. A Love Your Local Gift Voucher should be viewed just like any shop gift voucher, or as financial payment on any purchase.

Why offer this model?

The City of Greater Bendigo and Be.Bendigo understand it has been a very tough time for business. There are several larger Greater Bendigo businesses who regularly reward or acknowledge employee efforts via vouchers to big department or variety stores. These businesses have expressed that they would like to find a way to reward staff but also better support their local community. REMPLAN modelling has shown for every $100 spent at a local small business, $70 stays in our community. We see this trial as a great way to build community pride and reinforce the important shop local message. By offering a voucher that can be spent in a range of stores, we are providing people with choice in how they shop locally and, most importantly, the money stays in our community.

Who will be given the vouchers?

The trial involves specific local companies that have agreed to purchase vouchers to gift to their employees. We have heard from larger local business that they are keen to support small business and keep as much money in our community as possible. The trial will help determine if a multi-business voucher system can be rolled out more broadly and made available as a great local opportunity to our corporate sector, or perhaps made available to the wider community.

Can my business purchase vouchers and support the trial?

No. At this stage Be.Bendigo is working with specific businesses for the trail period. If the trial is successful, it will be open for other businesses to purchase vouchers for their staff.

How much will the vouchers be worth?

Vouchers will be to the value of $25, $50 or $100.

What if my business opts into the trial and no one uses a voucher with us?

It is important to understand that by opting into the trial there is no guarantee a voucher will be
spent in your business. However, there is no cost to participate.

How soon after someone spending a voucher in my business will I be paid?

Once you lodge your vouchers for reimbursement, it is intended that businesses will be paid within 48 hours or 2 working days. Exploring the fastest way to deliver a rapid payment process is part of why the trial is being undertaken and what needs to occur to deliver it.

How will I lodge a payment?

For the trial period, lodging a payment will be an easy, manual process – with a view to streamline and digitise the process in the future. Instructions on how to do this will be provided when your business is notified of your approved participation. Importantly, we will be asking you to lodge each voucher that is presented with a copy of the receipt from the sale it was applied to – so we can track how the vouchers were spent, if they were part of larger purchases and the potential economic impact of the project.

When does the trial start?

We will be in touch to confirm when the trial will start. It is expected to start at the beginning of October, and run until the end of November.

When will the vouchers expire and what if someone wants to use them after the expiry date?

Voucher recipients will be encouraged to use their voucher during the trial period, however, should you receive vouchers after the trial period ends, they will still be honoured and reimbursed via Be.Bendigo.

What happens if I change my mind about participating?

We request that all business who are approved to participate remain as an active participant until the end of the trial period. After this time, you can then advise us if you do not wish to be part of the program for future promotions.

Are there terms and conditions on the vouchers?

Yes. Customers who have a voucher to spend with you will be provided with some terms and conditions on the voucher use, which are designed to ensure the redemption process is simple for all involved. You will be provided with this information prior to the trial period commencing.


This is a Be.Bendigo and City of Greater Bendigo initiative