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Be.Bendigo has a long history, read how we were formed to work with Bendigo Businesses to collaborate and bring businesses together through networking events for it’s members and partners.

Where we came from.

The Bendigo Chamber of Commerce and Industry was constituted in 1886 with the vision to be the single voice for the business community across greater Bendigo.

‘Be.Bendigo’ is the trading name of the organisation ‘Bendigo Business Council’ which was formed in 2008 as a merger between two Bendigo business organisations: The Bendigo Chamber of Commerce and Central Victorian Business Network (CVBN).

Upon the merger, Bendigo Business Council continued the functions of both the Chamber and CVBN by providing advocacy, networking and events to members and partners.

In 2017 the Bendigo Business Council was rebranded to Be.Bendigo (Business Excellence Bendigo).

In 2018 Be.Bendigo established a three year strategic plan that focussed on three key strategic priorities – Engage – Collaborate and Advocate.

Once established, Be.Bendigo undertook other initiatives such as the GROW Bendigo (Growing Regional Opportunities for Work) program that increases job opportunities through strategic procurement and employment. 

“Similarities between both organisation’s stated aims and objectives led them to work together with the aim of a single peak body to support a strong, vibrant and growing business community for Bendigo and Central Victoria.”