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Strategic Priorities

These are what we focus on and aim for.

To Engage, To Collaborate and To Advocate.

Our Focus and Aim.

Be.Bendigo Engages:

With its members, partners and stakeholders through events, communications and programs. We are a conduit for information.


Be.Bendigo Collaborates:

With its members, partners and stakeholders to help them achieve their goals and connect them to each other and their community. We collaborate to deliver programs and training that develops businesses and people. We collaborate be a referral point for businesses. To provide a centre for business in Bendigo.


Be.Bendigo Advocates:

For Greater Bendigo businesses across the three tiers of government and with key people, relevant organisations and stakeholders.

“Similarities between both organisation’s stated aims and objectives led them to work together with the aim of a single peak body to support a strong, vibrant and growing business community for Bendigo and Central Victoria.”