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Business Wellbeing

Be.Bendigo strives for all businesses to prioritise the wellbeing of both owners and employees.

Partners in Wellbeing is a FREE service for all Victorian businesses. 


Wellbeing and Mental Health support, services and consultation

Partners in Wellbeing is a free service for small Victorian businesses. 

Wellbeing Resources

Explore our comprehensive range of wellbeing resources tailored to enhance your personal and professional life.


Meet Sharmi your Mental Health Consultant

Meet Sharmi, our new Mental Health Consultant through the Partners in Wellbeing Program, dedicated to supporting small businesses in Greater Bendigo, Buloke, Loddon, and Mount Alexander Shires.

With a strong background in HR, Consulting, and Workshop Facilitation, Sharmi offers invaluable expertise in promoting wellbeing, mental health, and resilience to benefit Be.Bendigo’s members and the wider business community.

Accessible both in-person and via telehealth, this service operates during business hours and even extends its availability after hours.

If you need assistance or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Sharmi. 

A word from one of our small business client.

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? 

The Partners in Wellbeing helpline is a free and confidential service for small business owners and employees. 

The helpline provides support through trained wellbeing coaches like Sharmi, financial counsellors and business advisers, as well as information in languages other than English. 

Call, live chat, send an enquiry or make a referral online. 

What do we offer?

Personal Support

Help to improve wellbeing, develop strategies to cope and access emotional support as you need it.

Webinar & Workshop

Wellbeing education and promotion to build capacity to support and manage wellbeing in small business.

Tailored Options

Consulting and design of employee wellbeing programs.

Financial Counselling

Information, support and advice about managing debts and financial issues, both business and personal.

Business Advice

Assistance to understand your position and develop business plans for your future.

"One confidential business wellbeing session gave me some new insights and now I have a greater understanding to face my challenges..."


January Resources

What could you do this month to cultivate gratitude? 

February Resources

Flow – Engagement – PERMA

According to Martin Seligman, engaging in activities that align with our top character strengths increases the likelihood of experiencing flow and engagement. 

Identifying our character strengths, also known as values, fosters a connection with our purpose and meaning, providing a sense of autonomy. These values serve as our guiding light, influencing our decisions and actions. 

Utilising our character strengths in our endeavours allows us to enhance our skills and emotions, boosting self-esteem and confidence. Applying these strengths in work, hobbies, or side projects promotes engagement, leading to a state of flow where time flies and focus comes effortlessly, creating a fulfilling and enjoyable experience akin to mindfulness. 

Complete the free survey to identify your top character strengths.

Reflection exercise –

Consider activities you undertake at work when you lose sense of time. Does the activity match your personal skills?  Is your concentration in harmony with the activity? 

Your attention is on the activity and your mind does not wander into the past, future or off task? 

Does this activity align to your top character strengths? Do you feel a sense of personal control over the activity? 

Is the activity intrinsically rewarding? When did you have this experience? 

Who were you with? What was happening? 

How did you feel while completing the activity? 

How did you feel after the activity was completed? 




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