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Membership levels

Find the right membership for you based on your business.

We have membership levels for all businesses, whether you are a micro business looking to grow your network, or if you are an iconic local businesses employing more than 40 people.

Individual Membership


Be.Bendigo warmly welcomes individual members looking to invest in growing their network and further developing their capability. Individual membership entitles you to receive our widely read newsletter, Be.Informed, to login to our site and view full member profiles and to access our events and exclusive member only, professional development offers at a discounted rate. Members receive a discount on all ticketed events and training. The annual member fee includes tickets to a few of our networking events across the year, including the Be.Bendigo Business After Five Series.

Micro Business


Do you run your own business as a sole trader? Great! Your courage and creativity as an entrepreneur is actively shaping a great start up and micro enterprise culture in Bendigo. We are here to support you. Our micro business membership offer connects you with a high value community in which to market and grow your business. Micro membership entitles you to create a member profile and be listed in the Be.Bendigo directory. Membership also includes discounted member pricing on Be.Bendigo events and offers. Be sure to tag your business as a micro enterprise to receive updates and offers thoughtfully tailored for you.

Small Business


Does your business employ between 2 and 10 people? Excellent. Your investment in creating jobs and local solutions is invaluable. Be sure to identify as a small business to receive updates and offers tailored for your business. Typical challenges for our small business members include the development of policy, procedures and business systems. As your business grows, you may also struggle with becoming liable for payroll tax for the first time. Our partners in professional service can assist you to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges your business encounters at this important stage in your evolution. Member benefits for small business members are extended to your team.

Medium Membership

11 – 40 Employees

Do you employ between 11 and 40 people? Congratulations, your business is a vitally important player in our regional economy. All of the member benefits around events and access to discounted training apply for your business and will be extended to members of your team. As a medium sized business you may wish to become more actively involved in one of our working groups, advocating for better business conditions. Our current focus is on government procurement policy and opportunities to better support the local supply chain. 

Large Membership


Iconic local businesses employing more than 40 people are the lifeblood of our regional city. Your business provides highly valuable work for a sophisticated supply chain involving local businesses and those further afield. We are here to represent you in advocating for investment in enabling infrastructure and conditions to support business continuity and growth. We provide opportunities for your team to connect and engage in the broader business community and to showcase your businesses brand and story. Your membership entitles you and your team to member pricing for all events and offers and supports a collaborative approach to identifying and solving problems across our membership.

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