Business in Bendigo.

A city of Enterprise - this is your comprehensive resource for doing business in the Greater Bendigo Region. Discover what makes Bendigo’s various industries flourish, why social entrepreneurs are making such an impact and how boundaries are being pushed in the city’s startup scene. Learn about investment opportunities and the latest news and developments in your industry.

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Welcome to Be.Bendigo – a thriving community working to facilitate, grow and enrich business from the Greater Bendigo region.

Be.Bendigo is about individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations actively contributing to a connected business ecosystem – connecting Bendigo to the world.


Bendigo is a great place to do business – our gross regional product is $5.6billion per annum. We are Victoria’s fastest growing regional city with healthy business and consumer confidence. Be.Bendigo is a platform for visionary people and organisations to shape the business climate in Victoria’s third largest city.

Be.Bendigo is all about business excellence. We provide opportunities to network and collectively motivate our members to cultivate the mindset and capability to lead excellent businesses. Assisted by our family of partners, our members are supported to improve business performance year on year.

Be.Bendigo is about actively growing our prosperity together and ensuring that we do so in an inclusive, progressive and vibrant way.

Be.Bendigo is for you to Be:Inspired, Be:Connected and Be:Informed.


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be:connected events
After Dark Networking Drinks

Returning soon in 2018!

2018 State of the Market Breakfast

Returning soon in 2018!

Cadel Evans: Keeping the Pedals Moving

6:45pm Wednesday 8 November

La Trobe University Women in Leadership Forum

6:30pm Wednesday 25 October


Chairwoman to bring over twenty years of dedication

Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme

Connecting Greater Bendigo