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Bendigo Business Excellence Awards

For 29 years the awards have been an opportunity for Greater Bendigo businesses to reflect on current practices, achievements and receive recognition for their contribution to a vibrant Greater Bendigo.

Be.Bendigo has been hosting the Bendigo Business Excellence awards since 2015. Over the past height years, the awards have been improved and developed by Be.Bendigo.

It is the only awards program of its kind in the Greater Bendigo region. In 2021 the awards were moved to an online format, creating a dynamic and interactive event that will be spoken about for years to come.

Our major partner Bendigo Bank and all our category partners are committed to supporting the awards in 2023.

Successful business creating a vibrant Greater Bendigo

Independant Judges

Our independent Judges come from Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Melbourne. We are onboarding our Partners and Judges for 2023.

Applying for an Award

Is this year the year your business will apply for an award? Application period open now!

Awards Gala

Businesses are celebrated at an award Gala. The 2023 Gala will be held at Red Energy Arena on Thursday, August 17th 2023.

2023 Bendigo Bank Be.Bendigo Business Excellence Awards

Congratulations RMG!

2023 Business of the Year.


This Award is sponsored by Bendigo Bank. 


RMG has also been attributed the Professional Services Firm (Large) Award proudly sponsored by WDEA Works. 


The Bendigo Bank Be.Bendigo Business Excellence Awards are all about celebrating the achievements of Greater Bendigo businesses and providing them with opportunities to grow.


"I think my first reflection would have to be the energy the win brought to our team. It was wonderful to have a reason to take a moment to celebrate all that we’ve achieved, to reflect on all the hard work we’d put in and recognize, amongst ourselves, what we do for the community. Another outcome was the connections we made both at the awards night and the winners’ dinner. On both nights we made connections with like-minded businesses and individuals that we went on to work with."

“Winning the Bendigo Excellence Awards Woman of the Year category in August 2022, didn’t award me millions of dollars, I didn’t get a book deal or a TV show, I didn’t get upgraded to the pointy end of the plane and my social media numbers didn’t go nuclear; but I did get recognition and acknowledgement from the people I value most in life my family, my friends, my work colleagues and my local community here in Bendigo. All of whom know how hard I work, they see the hours I put in, they see my ambition and drive and they have bought into my dream of making my business - Bendigo Brittle - more than just a business that makes brittle. And that in-itself has been the greatness of the award. The award did offer me opportunities - like including the award details on the back of all of our new brittle packaging, it secured me a few speaking gigs, and it has allowed me to drop it in here or there when needed to catch someone’s ear and attention (it is after all pretty impressive to be named Bendigo Excellence Awards Regional Business Woman of the Year). And finally winning the award gave me the confidence to back myself and chase other awards, like Australia Post’s Local Heroes Award (cross your fingers and toes for us) winners will be announced next month. My advice to other women who have been nominated is to GO FOR IT; you have earned this award, just in being nominated! Back yourself, sell yourself to your community and know that the rewards could be life changing (they were from me). Entries close at midnight May 31 – you still have time - GOOD LUCK.”

"Why did Lifely apply in the Excellence Awards? Lifely applied for the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards in 2022 to showcase our achievements, dedication, and commitment to excellence in the disability support and children's services industries. We also saw the award as an opportunity to build stronger connections with the business community. We plan to work more closely with local businesses in the future to promote access and inclusion and develop innovative solutions for people with disabilities and their families. What did winning the award mean for Lifely and its staff? Winning the Customer-focused award was a significant milestone for our organisation and staff. It validated our efforts and expertise, reinforcing our position as a leading regional player in the disability sector. The recognition boosted motivation and pride among our team members, as their hard work and dedication were acknowledged and celebrated. It also enhanced our reputation and credibility in the business community, attracting new participants and opportunities for growth. Do you have any advice for organisations and businesses considering applying? 1. Choose the right category: Explore various categories and determine which aligns best with your values and objectives. The most apparent category may not be the best fit for you. 2. Start early: The application process is comprehensive and requires reflection and research. Don't leave your application to the last minute, or you might miss out."

We thank our event partners who make the Excellence Awards possible each year.