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Grow Bendigo

GROW Bendigo – is exactly that, a program designed to support more growth and employment across our community. As businesses grow, so does their capacity to employ, resulting in positive outcomes for our community.

Let’s think Local

It can start with the simple notion of buying locally – finding out what is available locally, then making a conscious decision to increase your percentage of locally sourced goods and services. This easy decision can have a significant ripple effect on the local economy.

Job focussed

It’s basic – the more we buy locally the more local businesses can grow, the more a business grows, the more people they can employ.

The thinking behind this program is the evidence that reducing unemployment rates –particularly in persistently disadvantaged communities – ultimately strengthens the local social and economic fabric of the region.

Collective Impact

GROW Bendigo is a collective impact initiative with business, government, community organisations and individuals working together to grow our community and in turn provide employment opportunities – particularly for those most in need of employment and support into the workforce

GROW Compact Signatories

How do I get involved?

Talk to us, we can take you through the benefits – it costs nothing to be part of and in return you’ll be part of this growing network of people and businesses who understand and embrace the good for business and community approach.
GROW Bendigo is a chance to make a contribution to help our community reach its full potential. Fill out the form adjacent to learn more.