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End of Bendigo Business Stories Podcast Season 2 – Women Driving Positive Change

End of Bendigo Business Stories Podcast Season 2 – Women Driving Positive Change

As we prepare to launch Season 3 of the Bendigo Business Stories podcast on June 24, let’s take a moment to reflect on the empowering journey of Season 2 “Women Driving Positive Change.”

In this season, we celebrated the remarkable contributions of women who are driving positive change not just in the business world but throughout our community. Hosted by Kimberley Furness from OAK Magazine, Season 2 brought forward eight inspiring episodes, each featuring a powerful woman.


Episode Highlights:

  1. Building a Team with Julie Sheahan from 3D Physiotherapy Bendigo

Julie shared her journey of building a cohesive and dynamic team, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and leadership in achieving business success.

  1. Alissa Van Soest: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in STEM

Alissa’s episode focused on her initiatives to encourage and mentor young women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, breaking barriers and fostering innovation at the Bendigo Discovery Centre.

  1. Empowering Communities with Luz Restrepo from Made by Many Minds

Luz provided insights into her work with Made by Many Minds, discussing how empowering marginalized communities can lead to sustainable and inclusive growth.

  1. 15 Years of Business Lessons with Hayley Tibbett from Indulge Chocolates

Hayley recounted her experiences and lessons learned over 15 years in the chocolate business, highlighting resilience, adaptability, and passion.

  1. From Bendigo Magazine to Published Author with Amy Doak

Amy shared her journey from creating Bendigo Magazine to becoming a published author, offering valuable advice on pursuing one’s passions.

  1. A Regional Voice in Parliament with The Hon. Jacinta Allan, Premier of Victoria

Jacinta Allan discussed her experiences as a regional representative in Parliament, her vision for the future, and the importance of regional voices in shaping policy.

  1. Career Conversation with Emerging Leader Amy Morrissey from Bendigo Bank

Amy Morrissey talked about her career path, leadership experiences, and the significance of fostering young talent within the banking industry.

  1. Empowering Women in Veterinary Care with Dr. Susan Bibby from myvet Strathfieldsaye

Susan Bibby highlighted her work in veterinary care, her approach to leadership, and her efforts to support and empower women in the veterinary field.


Proudly Sponsored by McKern Steel:

This inspirational series was made possible thanks to our proud sponsor, McKern Steel. As a leading supplier of high-quality structural steel for residential projects across Victoria, McKern Steel is dedicated to staying regionally based with three locations in Bendigo. Beyond their business success, McKern Steel, through the McKern Foundation, actively contributes to community projects focusing on the health and wellbeing of youth.


Join us for Season 3:

As we gear up for another season of captivating stories and insightful discussions, we encourage you to listen to the episodes of Season 2 if you haven’t already. The stories of these incredible women are not only inspiring but also filled with practical strategies for creating a brighter, more inclusive future.

Tune in to Be.Bendigo’s Bendigo Business Stories podcast and be part of the movement driving positive change in our community.

Stay tuned for Season 3, launching on June 24, and join us as we continue to celebrate and amplify the voices of remarkable individuals making a difference.

Listen now and get inspired –

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