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Welcome to Season 3 of Bendigo Business Stories “Building a Resilient Workforce”

Welcome to Season 3 of Bendigo Business Stories “Building a Resilient Workforce”

Welcome to Season 3 of the Bendigo Business Stories podcast, proudly brought to you by Be.Bendigo, La Trobe Business School, and supported by the Victorian Government. I’m your host, Dr. Geraldine Kennett. 


In this season, named “Building a Resilient Workforce” we delve into the pressing need for skilled workers in the Loddon Campaspe Region, as identified by the Victorian Skills Authority. This shortage not only affects businesses but also disrupts operations and limits market reach due to increased employee mobility. Our aim, through these conversations, is to empower small businesses with effective People Strategies to attract and retain top talent.  


At La Trobe Business School, we’re committed to forward-thinking education and research that’s future-focused, innovative, and responsible. We’re dedicated to fostering innovative courses, nurturing successful graduates, and conducting impactful research, all while forging strong partnerships. 


Join me as we engage with local business owners and HR professionals, learning from their experiences and strategies for building and maintaining high-performing teams. I’m excited to introduce you to our special guests and share their insights to help your business thrive in today’s dynamic workforce landscape.  


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