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Sharing stories and ideas to help GROW Bendigo

Sharing stories and ideas to help GROW Bendigo

Each quarter, Be.Bendigo holds a meeting of the GROW Bendigo Signatories and the first one for 2023 was kindly hosted by Bendigo TAFE at their Charleston Road campus on Friday, 24 March.

The event was well-attended with over 50 signatories as well as other representatives from government and the City of Greater Bendigo, also in attendance.

Rob Murphy, who recently took on the role of managing the GROW Bendigo Program, used the opportunity to get attendees to share their stories and ideas about how they are using their involvement with GROW Bendigo to improve employment outcomes in their businesses; as well as sharing what barriers they are experiencing in the employment space.

“There are a lot of fantastic big and small success stories out there already, from getting 70 CALD participants trained up in the Community and Disability Services sector to access job opportunities; to securing long-term, secure employment for a mature-aged participant,” said Rob.

“Every success adds up and the purpose of GROW is to keep these successes flowing,” Rob continued.

The participants workshopped solutions to challenges – such as mental health, generational poverty and homelessness – so that participants are in a position to fully benefit from employment opportunities.

This would include advocating for solutions and ensuring that participants have access to the wrap-around services that they need.

“I am looking forward to working with members of the GROW Bendigo Program, to collaboratively advocate and seek out creative solutions for success over the coming months,” Rob concluded.

Special thanks to GROW signatory, Peppergreen Farm, for supplying a delicious luncheon that was very much enjoyed and appreciated by attendees.

If you would like to find out more about GROW Bendigo or sign-up your business to the program please click here.

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