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A regional voice in parliament with The Hon. Jacinta Allan, Premier of Victoria

A regional voice in parliament with The Hon. Jacinta Allan, Premier of Victoria

Join us as our host, Kimberley Furness from OAK Magazine, sits down for an incredible conversation with The Hon. Jacinta Allan, Premier of Victoria.

In this episode sponsored by McKern Steel, we explore the driving force behind her decision to enter politics: her deep love for Bendigo and her determination to give a voice to the regional community. From her early aspirations of becoming a journalist to working in an electorate office discovering her love for politics and being elected at the young age of 26, Jacinta’s career journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to representing and serving her community.

Throughout the conversation, Jacinta shares her belief in the importance of education and transferable skills. Jacinta highlights that women deserve to have a seat at the table in all spheres of decision-making. With Parliament now achieving a 50/50 gender balance, Jacinta emphasises the significance of diversity and the ongoing efforts to break down barriers that prevent women’s participation and confidence. “You cannot be what you cannot see”.

Jacinta discusses the importance of being surrounded and always remembering her purposes and her ‘why’ when facing challenges in dealing with media and commentary. She also opens up about her personal experience, as a woman, dealing with women’s pain and endometriosis, and the important work in place through the current ‘Inquiry into Women’s Pain’ survey to address the challenges faced by girls and women seeking pain care.

Despite the demands of her career, Jacinta makes a point on the importance of family support and teamwork in balancing her roles as a mother and as a leader. She highlights the invaluable role her husband plays in caring for their children, challenging societal norms, and promoting respect for men who choose to stay home with their kids.

From advocating for women’s health to championing equality and inclusivity, Jacinta Allan’s journey is one of resilience, compassion, and determination.

For more information about the Inquiry into Women’s Pain –



This series is proudly sponsored by McKern Steel. McKern Steel is a leading supplier of high-quality structural steel for residential projects across Victoria.

Located across three venues in Bendigo, they are dedicated to keeping their business regionally based.

McKern Steel are also an active player in the community through the McKern Foundation, which is focused on contributing to community projects that benefit the health and wellbeing of youth.



Kimberley Furness is the national award-winning publisher of OAK Magazine, a proudly independent media publisher dedicated to sharing stories and amplifying voices of female change-makers and women in business in regional and rural Australia. Kimberley is a long-time content creator for print and digital, a social media trainer for rural business owners and the host of chart-topping podcasts A Friend of Mine and She Makes News.

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